Test Your Bentonite Sulfur Product Degradability

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Today, proper sulfur fertilization is recognized as critical to optimizing yield, quality, and ultimately farm profitability. But what is the secret to getting sulfur right?

Whether you are a fertilizer buyer, retailer, grower or farm advisor, there is a wealth of improved knowledge, tools and strategies to consider. However, a clear trend helping to turn on the tap to greater profitability is the rising use of high-quality, bentonite elemental sulfur.

Not all bentonite elemental sulfur products are created equal. That’s why testing is important to ensure quality, better understand your product and compare options.

By downloading this guide you’ll learn:

Advantages-Of-TestingAdvantages of Testing 
  • Degradability: Why it matters

  • Our  Testing Process
  • Interpreting Your Results
  • Tips for Optimal Strategies
How-To-CaptureHow to Capture the Keg River Advantage

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  • Agronomists & Crop Advisors
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    Performance-Driven Farmers


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